STAGE 1       Initial Consultation

We will carry out an initial visit to discuss your proposal with you, consider the viability of the scheme and advise on whether or not planning permission is required. We will provide you with a quotation to carry out the work for you


STAGE 2       Initial Consultation/Measured Survey

We will visit you at home, or the site of the proposed development, to discuss your requirements and thoughts in detail and offer advice on your proposed design.

We will do a dimensional survey of the existing property so that drawings of the property can be produced.


STAGE 3       Initial Sketches

We will visit you again with the initial sketches and refine the proposal to make sure that it reflects what you have in mind and make amendments to them if required. Because we now use 3D software, as well using paper drawings, we will come to see you with a laptop to explore the proposal in more detail. Our experience is that the 3D software we use makes visualising the project easier for our clients. It also means that we can make amendments on the spot to speed the process. If planning permission is not required then stage 3 will not apply.


STAGE 4       Preparation of Plans/Planning Application Submission

We will call again with the full plans ready for submission.  Once you are happy with the design of your development we will then submit the drawings and all required paperwork to the Local Authority for Planning Approval. A separate fee made payable to the Local Authority is required at this stage, we will advise you of the fee required for your type of development.  You should allow 8 to 10 weeks for a planning decision to be granted from the submission date. If permission is refused I can renegotiate on your behalf.


STAGE 5       Building Regulations

Once planning permission is gained an application can be made for Building Regulations. These are drawings that cover the details of the construction of your development. They are more detailed than the planning application drawings and include sections and details to show that the development will be built within a set of pre-defined standards to ensure safe building practices and good workmanship. If Structural/Timber Engineer/SAP Calculations are required, at this stage, for any part of the development an additional fee for the Engineer will have to be paid.   There will be a separate fee required at this stage made payable to the Local Authority for your type of development.  Building Regulation Approval takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks.


STAGE 6       Building Regulations Revisions

The Local Authority will check the drawings and raise any queries direct with me.  If Structural/Timber Engineer Calculations are required by the Local Authority an additional fee for the Engineer’s Report will have to be paid so the Local Authority can approve the plans. Once all queries have been dealt with the Local Authority will return an officially stamped drawing.  YOU ARE NOW READY TO START BUILDING.


COST             Payment is due when I deliver the plans to you before submission. If you decide not to proceed before the plans are completed any work carried out will be charged at my standard hourly rate.  VAT is not added to my fees. Structural/Timber Engineers fees (if required) will also be payable on delivery of the plans.



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